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Trinette Ellis

Core Restore is an amazing product! My happy-go-lucky son, who could eat anything, started having food sensitivity after taking a round of antibiotics for his wisdom teeth removal. Along with the new food sensitivity, he also started experiencing anxiety and mild depression. Certain trigger foods would impact him greatly and he’d spend 4 - 6 hours throwing up. The next 24 hours would be filled with nausea. He removed all the trigger foods from his diet but this left him with a very small list of what he could eat. Not ideal for a 24 year old man. We tried many different supplements but none were effective. Then… we found Core Restore. He’s been using it for 3 months and as his gut heals, he is enjoying food that he hasn’t been able to eat in years. He recently added coffee and Cheetos back into his diet, 2 huge trigger foods for him. Along with his gut healing, my son also noticed that within 4 days of taking Core Restore, the yucky stomach that he wakes up with (every morning) was gone. We used to call it his “morning sickness” because if he ate or drank anything in the morning, he’d be nauseated all day. He dealt with that “morning sickness” for 15 years! In 4 days, Core Restore healed it. Before Core Restore, he was dealing with a lack of interest in all activities and was taking Xanax for anxiety. Since he’s been on Core Restore, he hasn’t needed Xanax at all. He’s back to enjoying photography, working out, and has become engaged with his friends and family again. I recently asked him how his stomach was feeling and he replied, “Mom, my stomach hasn’t felt this good in years!” Thank you, Core Restore, for giving me back my happy-go-lucky son.

Trinette Ellis - Wisconsin


Janetta Anderson

For as long as I can remember, I have suffered with stomach pain. Sometimes, it was a dull pain that wouldn’t go away. Other times, it would be so severe that it was debilitating. Either way, it became my new normal and I lived with it every single day. In addition to my stomach pain, I also endured serious anxiety and depression. At the time, I was unaware that anxiety and depression were related to my stomach, but those became my new normal as well. A friend told me about Core Restore and explained what Leaky Gut was, and the direct link between the stomach and the brain. I began using Core Restore and it’s been life changing. It has transformed the person that I was in a way I never imagined possible. My stomach pain is gone and I can eat again! I can even eat bananas and avocados which I haven’t had in 10 years! I have been lifted from my severe anxiety which used to leave me paralyzed with fear and overthinking. My old stomach issues used to distract me from being fully present and enjoying my life. It also stopped me from being fully present for my children. When I started using Core Restore, I never imagined I would see results like this. I finally feel normal again and I am free to take back control of my life and enjoy it! Thank you, Core Restore. I am changed because of you.

Janetta - Loveland, Colorado

IBS started for me after months of being on antibiotics. The doctors wanted to fix my stomach and digestive issues with pills and more pills. I was taking 6 pills a day. A buddy of mine told me about Core Restore and I decided to try it. What a huge relief that these problems I've had for YEARS, were fixed with a natural supplement. Now instead of taking 6 pills a day, I'm drinking one supplement, with better results than I ever got with pills.

Tyler - Miami, Florida