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Moods, Anxiety and depression

Start in the Gut

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Here’s something you didn’t learn in Bio, and it’s fascinating.

The stomach is our second brain.

It really is and here’s why.

Every human started life as an embryo. You knew that. But what you probably didn’t know is that during an embryo’s life, the brain and intestines begin to form in the same week.

From the same tissue.

The brain goes north in the embryo’s body and the stomach and intestines go south.

Since those organs originated from the same cluster of cells, they retain a memory from each other. They’re like “sister” organs and they speak to one another all our lives through the vagus nerve.

It was once believed that the brain talked down to the stomach, and people with emotional struggles, like anxiety and depression, developed stomach problems. 

But science now knows that communication goes both ways. In fact, 400x more messages go up from the gut microbiomes to the brain, than from the brain to the gut. Don’t let the word microbiomes throw you. It’s a fairly new word being used which means a community of microorganisms living in a particular environment.

See for yourself how treating the stomach and intestines can positively affect the brain.

A happy tummy = A happy brain.


We understand how stomach issues affect every part of your life.


We’ve been there. We’ve walked your walk. And we vowed that we would not live in pain any longer. So we embarked on a mission to try every supplement on the market that would help with our stomachs. We tested prepackaged supplements and individual ingredients. We spent two years on sampling and spreadsheets, logging what worked and what didn’t. And we succeeded. We have created the best product on the market for treating all types of stomach and bowel issues.

Our stomachs are happy again. And so are we.